[Column] Adorable NARUTO Characters Here to Add Joy to Your Day!

Here’s the rundown on the hottest new items, introduced by one of the merch experts here at the official NARUTO site! This time, we’ll be introducing some adorable plush toys and figurines!

Fuwakororin: Perfectly-Sized, Adorable Chibi Handfuls!

Take a look at the charmingly round chibis of NARUTO’s Fuwakororin collection! Fitting snugly in your hands, these super-soft toys are easy to pick up but hard to put down! I’m especially fond of how each character has a unique facial expression! Tuck your favorite ninja away somewhere nearby and pull them out when you need some encouragement!

Hug Chara Collection: Ninja Ready to Lend a Helping Hand!

Next up is the first set of NARUTO Hug Chara Collection goods! Hug Charas are small stuffed toys that have a strong grip! They’ll hang on tight, so you can put their arms around your bag’s handle or strap and go out together! I also recommend using them to keep cords organized—around the house or on the go!

Potekoro Mascots: The More, the Merrier!

The first set of Potekoro Mascots is here! These chubby chibi characters fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and while each ninja is adorable on its own, their cuteness factor multiplies when they’re displayed together! Group them by team, pair up rivals, or make a big stack of all your favorites! Their small size makes them easy to slip in a bag or pocket, so they can accompany you all day long!

Bobblehead Series: Cute Collectible Figures!

Last but not least is a series of bobblehead figures! Gently tap these chibi NARUTO characters to make their heads sway back and forth! At around 130mm, their compact size makes them convenient to collect and perfect for livening up your desk or shelf! Take a quick breather from school or work to give them a tap and watch them go!