[Column] New Apparel! Add Ninja to Your Everyday Style!

In this new column, we’ll give you the rundown on the hottest new items, introduced by one of the merch experts here at the official NARUTO site! This time, we’ll be looking at some simple apparel items that are easy to incorporate into any look, as well as other new arrivals!

Easy to Coordinate! Bracelets Inspired by Team 7!

Introducing Colored Cord Bracelets vol.1, a set based on the members of Team 7!
There’s a bracelet themed after Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi, as well as a fifth bracelet that combines the colors of the three younger ninja and the bells from Kakashi’s test!

I really like the simplicity and elegance of this series, and the variety of designs means you can choose by character or by what matches best with your wardrobe!

Classic T-Shirts with Subtle Character Designs!

The next set on the docket is Graphic T-Shirts vol.1!

Both a Naruto and a Sasuke T-shirt are available, with simple, understated designs that can be easily paired with your everyday wardrobe! Whether you’re looking for something to wear around the house or putting together an outfit for a day out, you can’t go wrong with these!

I recommend combining them with one of the bracelets introduced earlier to subtly represent your favorite characters!

On the Train! In the Store! At work! New PIICA Card Cases!

Our last set of the day: PIICA card cases!

PIICA cases have LED lights inside them that light up when you tap your card at an automatic card reader!

You can use this case to hold your rail pass, work ID, or any other card you tap on a card reader! Enjoy seeing your favorite character artistically framed every time the case lights up! With 13 designs to choose from, these cases are perfect for those of you who regularly scan cards to shop and commute!